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Karen Lang

IKO Level 2 Kiteboarding Instructor & School Manager

Karen has been living and working in Maui for 20+ years. Karen originally came to Maui on a windsurfing vacation and never went back home! 

Karen’s pre Maui life was taken up with many fun sports: skiing,  cross country skiing then snowboarder back in the beginning of the sport. Also mountain biking, hiking, just about anything outdoors.

She started windsurfing in 1980 in Lake Tahoe, The Gorge and Rio Vista, then came to Maui to windsurf and surf  in  early 1990.  She landed her first Maui job at the original “Maui Sails” loft where they made some of the first ever windsurf sails. Spent many fun days sailing and surfing at her favorite spot on Maui, Ho’okipa.

Later a friend gave her a kiteboarding lesson and she was hooked !
" I love kiteboarding, and teaching kiteboarding, I also love  my office, (the beach)!"

Karen also runs  “Northshore Kite and Sail Repair”. “I have a great niche business here on Maui. I get to meet almost every kiter sooner or later, either I give them lessons and teach them how not to crash their kite or if they don’t take lessons I get to fix the kites they break while they are trying to learn!”
Best trick / Move: riding waves and going for big air

Visit Karen at one of her many blogs:

 Front Page of the Maui News January 21, 2010:

Karen and her student Margeaux made it on the front page of the Maui News today!! Here is what they had to say: Harvard student Margeaux Oliva of Lubbock, Texas, tries not to be pulled off her feet as she receives a kiteboarding lesson from Maui Instructor Karen Lang on Wednesday at Kanaha. Oliva said she was getting her feet wet in the sport while her boyfriend was out riding the wind and waves at Kanaha. "It's fun," she said

Here's some comments about Karen from her customers:

John A:"Karen's friendly enthusiastic style makes learning kiteboarding easy, I had 3 lessons with another school before I met Karen, and I learned more from her in 3 hours than the other instructor in 3 days, I would highly recommend her!"

Kathy K, Cardiff by the Sea, CA 

“Karen is an amazing kitesurfing instructor.  Not only is she super friendly, but her easy-going nature and her knowledge of this sport really helped calm the butterflies in my stomach while doing this sport.  She gave me tips and techniques that allowed me to master flying the kite, instead of the kite flying me.   Thank you, Karen, 
for giving me the stoke of learning this sport”!

Brian G. : Great, easy tips to accelerate the learning curve. Really enjoyed the day 

Jody P. : Karen was very good at explaining eveything we were going to do beforehand and never got irritated with me. Very relaxed/ fun atmosphere 

Todd C. : Very knowledgeable and technical about all aspects of kitesurfing and very good about communicating that information and teaching it to the student 

Jessica A. : Karen was thorough, encouraging and positive. She made sure I was proficient and confident in my basic survival skills before anything else. She was clear in communication and made me fell confident while encouraging me to challenge myself. I will recommend her to all my friends who wish to get into kiting!

 Shaun S. : Karen took the time to teach me safety first and self rescue. Some great tips to do things properly and to break some of my bad habits!

Amanda C. : Very attentive, lots of great tips that fined tuned my efforts, friendly and encouraging, highly recommended!

Isabelle T. : Great teaching skills, a pleasure learning with you and keep learning this great sport!

Andy L. : Excellent instructor, detailed, step by step instructions. Focus on safety but still makes it fun

Marius T. : I had lots of fun because Karen has great teaching skills and always has a smile to cheer you up!

Brian G. : Great, easy tips to accelerate the learning curve. Really enjoyed the day

Jody P. : Karen was very good at explaining eveything we were going to do beforehand and never got irritated with me. Very relaxed/ fun atmosphere

Todd C. : Very knowledgeable and technical about all aspects of kitesurfing and very good about communicating that information and teaching it to the student 

Karen Lang, Photo by Olaf Mitchell

This photo was picked up by Surfer Today Magazine as the shot they used for The Skymasters Competition

Kitesurfers touch the sky in Maui Surfer Today Magazine

Maui Mini Movie
Karen is  in at 50 seconds in this kiteboarding video, She actually pulled out of this landing !!!

To  make an appointment with Karen call us at  begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            808 283 6519      end_of_the_skype_highlighting or Contact Us

 Troy Schafer

IKO Level 2 Certified  Maui Kiteboarding Instructor

Maui Kiteboarding Instructor Troy Schafer
Maui Kiteboarding Instructor Troy Schafer

Troy is a fantastic instructor and all around great guy. His students rave about the awesome lessons they get from him. I don't know what his secret is but if you want a top notch lesson Troy is your guy!
Troy  started kiteboarding in 2001. In 2003 he started teaching in Maui.
2005 he received his IKO certificate in Cabarete, Dominican Republic.
Disciplines: Strapless, unhooked waves, free-style, free-ride, and wake-skate.
Goals: My goal is to bring good things my way, keep happy and enjoy each day.
Troy's Teaching Motto: I'm your kite board instructor if you want to know what to do, when and how to do it.
Check out some of Troys free kiteboarding instructional videos here: Zipcheckcheck
Maui Kiteboarding Instructor Troy Schafer Unhooked Tricks Maui Kiteboarding Instructor Troy Schafer Front Roll- Tail Grab- Handle Pass

Watch more of Troys videos here:

What Troy's Students are saying about him:

Troy G: Really great lesson,thanks. troy is a terrific guy!

Clayton M: Troy is the man! Always alert offering valuable advice and safety concious

Daniel C: troy was very good, He has great skills and patience. We worked on all the basic skill I needed

Adam M.: I learned a lot more than I expected. Troy made things fun and interesting with his use of action figures.

Kim V: Troy is awesome and professional!!!

To  make an appointment with Troy call us at begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 808 283 6519      end_of_the_skype_highlighting or Contact Us


Toast (aka Ryan Toaspern)
We are  stoked to announce the addition of Toast to our school. 

Toast is one of the most amazing kiteboarders in the world. He regularly get jumps to heights in excess of 60 feet, his record holds so far at an incredible 80.4 feet! Toast is available for 1 on 1 advanced jumping lessons, if you want to fly higher just give us a call or Contact Us and we will set you up an appointment with him.

Check out a couple of Toast's Jumps Below

To  make an appointment with Toast call us at   808 283 6519   or Contact Us

Diana Pond Klase
IKO Level 2 Kteboarding Instructor

To  make an appointment with Diana call us at 808 283 6519 or Contact Us


Jon McCabe
IKO Level 2 Snow & Water Instructor

After graduating from the University of Colorado I decided to devote my life to snowkiting/kiteboarding and spend everyday I can to improve myself and those I teach.  I have worked with IKO snow and water examiners to refine teaching methods to the safest and most effective to date. 
 My main concern during every lesson is that my student are having fun no matter what level they are at and I consider myself to be very patient when I teach.  I have taught thousands of lessons between Colorado, Hawaii, North Dakota, South Carolina, Utah, and Ecuador since 2007. 
 My experience with kites started on land which then transitioned into the snow and now water.  Every winter I can be found pioneering new snowkite locations and getting my powder fix, while the rest of my time I enjoy the consistent winds and warm water Maui has to offer.  
Competition Results
2010 Skymasters Big Air Champion - 57.6 ft high
2010 Naish Hawaii State Championship 3rd Place in Big Air & 3rd in Twin-tip Race
2010 Best Snowkite Superfly Open Champion in Pro Ski Division
2010 Dillon Snowkite Open 2nd Place in Pro Ski Division

To  make an appointment with Jon call us at 808 283 6519  
Contact Us
Patri Mclaughlin  
IKO Level 1 Kiteboarding Instructor , Maui , Hawaii

Patri is your guy for advanced kiteboarding instruction, cutting edge tricks and riding waves

Liam McCormick
IKO Level 2 Kiteboarding Instructor