FAQs and Map to Kite Beach

Kite Beach, Maui , Aqua Beach

Meeting Location for Maui Kiteboarding Lessons

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Kite Beach , Maui, Aqua Beach , Aqua Sports Maui Meeting Location
Kite Beach , Maui,  Meeting Location


    Meeting Spot:                                                         \

Kite Beach, Maui Aqua Sports Maui Meeting Location

Directions to Kite Beach, Maui from the airport

Go to the airport, drive all the way thru. It's best to stay in one of the right lanes. Follow signs to the rental car return. Turn right on Ka' a St. Drive straight to the end and make a right at the stop sign on to Alahao St (also called Amala Place) Just after making the turn,  make a left  into the  gravel parking lot by the campground just before the entrance to Kanaha Beach Park and  and meet us at the Aqua Sports Van.  

Alternate Route to \ Kite Beach, Maui from Hana Highway

Coming in on Dairy Road make a left onto Hana Hy. KMart will be on your far right. Make a right at the second stoplight light onto Hobron Avenue. Then take the first street to the right , Amala Place. Drive 1.5 mile, you will go over a white bridge about halfway, just before the bridge you may see kiteboarders , but continue, our spot is a little further down. Make a left into the gravel parking lot by the campground just before the entrance to Kanaha Beach Park and look for our Aqua Sports Van.

What to bring:

Towel, sunscreen, sunglasses and water is recommended. Men: boardshorts, Girls: Swimsuit and boardshorts or yoga shorts. We use seat harnesses and they have straps that go around the tops of your legs so shorts are advised. If you have your own water shoes or lycra rashquard and want to wear them , bring them , otherwise we have loaners. If you are prone to getting cold, especially in the winter months and have a shorty wetsuit or 1 mil neoprene wetsuit top is advisable. If you don't have your own they can be rented at Hawaiian Island Surf and Sport Most people are fine without.

What is included:

Maui Kiteboarding Lessons provides its customers with all kiteboarding gear, helmets, life vests, booties, rash guards, impact vests, sunscreen, water and stoke!

What do I need to bring?
Bring bathing suit, towel and sunscreen and sunglasses. If you have your own rashguard or booties you would like to wear you may bring them. We provide the rest of the equipment that you will need.

Will I need a wetsuit on Maui?
No wetsuits are needed for most of the year , in the winter months riders usually wear 1-2 mil long sleeve tops, if you get cold during your lesson we can loan you a top

When is the best time to come to Maui for lessons?
We offer kiteboarding lessons year-round but the best season typically is summer: May thru September. During November through February, we usually get 50% kiteable days versus 75% in spring and fall and 95% in summer. For more info on Maui weather check out: Maui Wind and Wave Forecast

How hard is it to learn kiteboarding?
Kiteboarding is relatively easy to learn with most people being able to get short rides in about 6-9 hours of instruction.

How fast will I learn the sport?
Progress is very individual, it depends entirely on you, with each student progressing at  a different rate.
Prior experience wakeboarding, surfing, windsurfing and snowboarding  often help you progress faster as some of the board skills are similar. That being said it is 70% about the kite and 30% about the board.

Is kiteboarding safe?
At Maui Kiteboarding Lessons your safety is our primary concern. Although kiteboarding  is considered an extreme sport in can be very safe if you adhere to some basic, simple rules. We will teach you what you need to know to be safe and confident in the water and on the beach with your kite.

How physically fit do I need to be? 
Anyone in reasonable good health can learn to kiteboard, it is mostly about technique not strength, it is important that you can swim. Also when you are learning you do a lot of walking on the beach so if you are not in shape when you start you soon will be.

What can I do to prepare for my lesson ahead of time?
Fly a trainer kite as much as possible but be sure to watch a good training DVD like Kiteboarding4Beginners to learn which kite skills to practice and how to correctly practice them. Practice flying the kite while harnessed until you can fly it one-handed and then, when your flying skills become automated, it will be so much easier to put the board on your feet and get up and ride! 

I have done some trainer kite flying and body dragging. Will I be able get the kiteboard on my first lesson? 
Probably, we need to first go over the safety protocol and have you perform a self rescue, to make sure you are up on your safety, then if you demonstrate good kite control and feel ready you may go with the board on your first lesson

Will I be riding on a board the first day?
 About half of our first time beginner students get to the board on the first day and attempt their first water starts.
Most students need 2-3 days of lessons to become competent and confident with the kite and do some riding on a board.

How much experience do Maui Kiteboarding instructors have?
We are proud to claim that all of our  instructors  are highly experienced  IKO certified kiteboarding instructors and are certified with American Red Cross in CPR/First Aid.  Our  instructors have been  kiteboarding recreationally for many years and competing in local and international kiteboarding events.
More information and bios on our instructors can be found on Our Staff page.

Why should I choose Maui Kiteboarding Lessons for my lesson?
All of our instructors are seasoned professionals with many years of experience teaching kiting, you will not be taking a lesson from a newbie instuctor.
We are a small group of instructors that have previously worked at the "other schools" and have now banded together to form what we think is the best kiteboarding school on Maui
We take your safety seriously , our lessons are custom tailored to you and we also have some great prices!
Take a look at our Comments from Customers page to see what people are saying about us.

How can I save money on kiteboarding lessons?

Take a 1 day introductory lesson
Practice what you have learned with a trainer kite.
Watch  kitesurfing DVDs
If possible go to beach and watch
Read Kitesurfing Mags
Check out online forums and blogs
Physical Training, yoga, etc