Front Page of the Maui News January 21, 2010
Karen and her student Margeaux made it on the front page of the Maui News today!!
Here is what they had to say:
Harvard student Margeaux Oliva of Lubbock, Texas, tries not to be pulled off her feet as she receives a kiteboarding lesson from  Maui  Instructor Karen Lang on Wednesday at Kanaha. Oliva said she was getting her feet wet in the sport while her boyfriend was out riding the wind and waves at Kanaha. "It's fun," she said

Jessica A. : 
"Karen was thorough, encouraging and positive. She made sure I was proficient and confident in my basic survival skills before anything else. She was clear in communication and made me feel confident while encouraging me to challenge myself. I will recommend her to all my friends who wish to get into kiting!"

Shaun S. :
"Karen took the time to teach me safety first and self rescue. Some great tips to do things properly and to break some of my bad habits!"

Amanda C. :
"Very attentive, lots of great tips that fined tuned my efforts, friendly and encouraging, highly recommended!"

Isabelle T. :
"Great teaching skills, a pleasure learning with you and keep learning this great sport!'

Andy L. :
"Excellent instructor, detailed, step by step instructions. Focus on safety but still makes it fun"

Marius T. :
"I had lots of fun because Karen has great teaching skills and always has a smile to cheer you up!"

Brian G. :
"Great, easy tips to accelerate the learning curve. Really enjoyed the day"

Jody P. :
"Karen was very good at explaining everything we were going to do beforehand and never got irritated with me. Very relaxed/ fun atmosphere"

Todd C. :
"Very knowledgeable and technical about all aspects of kitesurfing and very good about communicating that information and teaching it to the student"

Audrey D. :
"I had alot of fun, thanx so much!"

Karleen G. :
"Great Instructor, fun and knowledgeable, thanks!"

John P.:
"Your team is very friendly , great lesson and the price was good too!"

Monica B. :
"Karen was great, she built my confidence in the water and made sure I understood the basics before moving on. I will take more lessons from her , definitely"

Megan L. :
"Thanks , had a great time!"

Alina T. :
"So much fun!!!"

Fred A. :
"I love Karen, if I wasn't married I would propose to her! Great instructor!"

Judy O. :
"Great safety instruction, great patience, great step by step instruction,overall excellent intro to sport."

Sam S. :
"Karen was GREAT!!!"

Sally S.
"My instructor was very thorough, especially liked the explanation of "the sweet spot"

John  A.
"Karen's friendly enthusiastic style makes learning kiteboarding easy, I had 3 lessons with another school before I met Karen, and I learned more from her in 3 hours than the other instructor in 3 days, I would highly recommend her!"

R.P. :
"Karen was a great instructor for the sport that made the experience great!"

Kathy K, Cardiff by the Sea, CA

Karen is an amazing kitesurfing instructor.  Not only is she super friendly, but her easy-going nature and her knowledge of this sport really helped calm the butterflies in my stomach while doing this sport.  She gave me tips and techniques that allowed me to master flying the kite, instead of the kite flying me.   Thank you, Karen, for giving me the stoke of learning this sport”!